Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Video Game] Torchlight II

TorchlightIICoverArtI played a couple of hours on Torchlight I, and at some point got tired of the constant and lonely trek down, down, down in the never-ending dungeon. It had great gameplay, an interesting story, and a pet that can buy and sell things in town. It just got lonely, really.

Then boom, Torchlight 2 introduced multi-player mode. Awesome.

I have since spent nearly 40 hours in the game, delving through different environments and enjoying the steampunky vibe. (I also loved basking in the Guardian of Mana's presence. Beautiful.) The cutscenes were lovely too.

I've completed the story recently, and maybe will go through New Game Plus eventually (mostly for achievement-mongering). Fun times were had, though. I rather miss it already.


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