Monday, November 10, 2014

[Story] Father Brown and The Invisible Man

invisible man_father brown_cover Detective stories have a special place in my heart. I think I have read all of the Nancy Drew books in my old school's library, and I've gone through almost all of Doyle's narratives on Sherlock Holmes.

However, it is just today that I've heard about Father Brown, a fictional pastor who solves curious mysteries.

Just a little while ago, I listened to a podcast of "The Invisible Man", which is about a man who goes about invisibly, even when suspected of murdering someone.

It is a very curious case (especially with the angle on semantics), but I was particularly struck by the quiet demeanor of the minister-investigator as he went about the crime particulars. He was seemingly meek and reserved, and the story ended with Father Brown in a manner not unbecoming of a cleric.

This case presented to me a character I am not very familiar with, and I suppose that I will go about trying to find more Father Brown stories now.

Just to note, I heard of the story through The Classic Tales Podcast.


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