Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Blog] On Earthly Pleasures and Otherworldly Delights

This is another legacy post from another blog. I had stardust in my eyes and felt really inspired after reading Arthur Clarke's 2001 Space Odyssey. Instead of typing up a review involving crazed artificial intelligence, I wrote this instead. 

How? How could you continue to live this life with your feet on the ground, when there are stars waiting for your eyes to see them? How can you believe that getting the latest tweets and FB updates from people you barely know is more fascinating than watching the night sky for signs of intelligent life not found on Earth? How you can you just sit there and just watch TV and not believe in people who ramble about dreams of getting into outer space?

How can you be so wrapped up in yourself, when there must be hundreds, thousands, millions of worlds out there, with probable intelligent beings who can give you so much depth and breadth, and conversation so beautiful your mind cannot even fathom them? How can you allow yourself to be limited by Earthly pleasures, Earthly problems, Earthly notions?

How easy it is, however, to be taken in with not-so-easy-to-see visions, when clouds of doubt and immediate difficulties are over your head. There is so much of this world, and that of the outside, which we cannot even grasp -- and yet we worry about missing our favorite show!

The inanity of everything just takes the cake. I shouldn't read good Sci Fi books continuously, or I might just completely lose dimension and vision. Good lord though, what a perspective check Arthur Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey has given me.

Well, thanks for listening.


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