Monday, September 15, 2008

[Blog] The Test Post

This is a legacy post, and one of the first I've ever posted on a blog. I'm posting and leaving this in full, just like how I first wrote it. Fun fact: a long time ago, when I first started blogging, people would almost always post a "test post" before actually blogging. How times have changed since then.

As typical in the realm of blogging, one must always start with a test post.

Nobody knows for sure how this trend was started, although I myself am pretty sure what its underlying purpose is: TO DEMAND ATTENTION.

Some people never realize that when they first upload that first blog post, they are already screaming out their identity for all the people on the Net to hear - and ignore, if they choose to (which is often the case).

Also, they do not realize that what they place in that post that would be the first of many, many, MANY rants and rambles would be their first ever real time in the Internet spotlight... of whoever's reading it at the moment, of course. The "test post" may, after all, be the most effective way to get - and keep - people interested. But then again, don't discount those who actually use the test post as a "test post". Creativity in words, hmm? (Just kidding.)

And so I start my own cyber-adventure with this little piece of text.

I think that many people are wondering why I decided to go ahead and create my own, when I have long been aware of this "blogging" and of these "blogs" (oh, really?). Truthfully, I have tried to create my own little blog on a certain social networking site, which I promptly withdrew due to time constraints, and my allergy to such type of cyber-relations.

(Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not against it at all. I think it's a cool way to connect with friends. It's just NOT MY THING.)

Blogging, though... I don't know yet. I just hope I won't add to the "trash" that one of my professors calls pieces of info on the Net that are not exactly fit for academic consumption. I'm a bit worried too that this may soon be another project I may discard in the end, as in my previous projects. Call it "ningas kugon".

It seems I have brought up just enough attention for you to reach the end of this post. Cool.

Oh, and just to be clear: I'm going to TRY to limit my side comments and smileys as much as possible. Sometimes, however, I just can't help myself (blame my psychology). ;)


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